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This site has been designed by DR. Claudio Panico, Primary Hospital Ophthalmic Turin, to share and communicate the latest scientific discoveries and interesting developments regarding eye diseases.

He is the founder of the new company, Laser ltd. It is a center for refractive surgery center and is the most technologically advanced establishment throughout northern Italy. We have the latest medical technologies ranging from Carl Zeiss Meditec, Femto Laser Visumax Zeiss, and Excimer Laser Zeiss Mel 90 to Zeiss aberrometer Wasca for personalized treatments.

We perform refractive surgery with laser Excimer and the latest innovative version of the Femtosecond Laser for the treatment of myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia. We use a frequency-doubling laser for degeneration or retinal breaks and a Yag Laser for secondary cataracts and glaucoma.

Our protocol is to offer the best diagnostic and treatment services approved by the international scientific community.

The services available at our clinic can be compared to the world's best centers. Through the use of innovative methods, we also contribute to the development of new instruments and surgical techniques.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Studio Oculistico founded by Dr. Claudio Panico. From the very beginning, our goal was to set a benchmark, both for diagnostics and for the treatment of eye diseases in the industry.

To achieve this result, we are always a step ahead, constantly improving our surgical techniques, and using increasingly innovative equipment. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to scientific progress and provide our patients with the best solution using science and technology.

This led us to look into the innovative techniques being used by different talented surgeons around the world. Inspite of all the assistance available these days, nothing compares to the personal touch and bond created by meeting a patient before and after the surgery. However, it consumes a great deal of time, energy and resources. One needs to be driven by passion to overcome all the hurdles and difficulties and accumulate the wealth of knowledge and experience.

Over the years, in addition to growing world-wide presence, we are being invited to conduct live surgeries in front of congresses. For example the British congress in Windsor was transmitted via satellite to an audience of 400 ophthalmologists 300 miles away from them.

On that occasion we performed 2 cataract microsurgeries carried out through two tiny holes, a technique which was uncommon in Britain in 2004.

More recently, we were invited to perform a live, combined cataract and retinal surgery using a minimally invasive technique. This was for the SOI International Congress held in Milan in May 2012.

Eye is one of the most fascinating subjects of medical sciences that has had the mostrapid development in recent years as compared to all other body parts. The technological development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the eye will make the currently used equipment obsolete within a few years.

An example of this is the laser used for the correction of visual defects, such as myopia.

Over the past 20 years we have been equipped with 5 lasers, majorly the Carl Zeiss Meditec. We have the latest generation of this machine with a replacement required once every 5 years. We also have A Femto Laser and an Excimer Laser .

We strive to provide our customers an excellent quality of service and technology.

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