On this page you will find some newspaper articles that speak of the competence and professionalism of Dr. Panic in Turin.

New Suburb - September 22, 2004

"Ophthalmologist Panic conquest lìInghilterra "

Italian surgeon invited to participate on in the important ophthalmologic congress

La Stampa - 22 settembre 2004

"Cataracts disappears with two holes"

The procedure lasts 10 minutes and you do not need hospitalization. The new and rivoluzioniaria technique practiced by Dr. Panic in its center eye in Turin was presented in a famous ophthalmologists seminar in England. The doctor has performed, for educational purposes, the intervention in connecting the hospital in Windsor.

 The Voice - September 27, 2004

"A doctor Chivasso operates in Windsor"

Dr. Panic’s revolutionary technique for cataract surgery was presented by him during a seminar held in an ophthalmological hospital in Windsor. It was broadcast via satellite and followed by the more than 400 ophthalmologists attending the Congress containers industry in Chester.

The Press - December 31, 2004

"Romero: 2005 will bring back the Taurus-series"

The President of the Torino Tilli Romero releases interview after just having undergone surgery for retinal detachment executed by his surgeon in collaboration with Dr. Panic.

Tuttosport - December 31, 2004

"Romero, intervention ok".

The president of Turin, Attilio Romero, was operated by Dr. Panic’s for retinal detachment. A revolutionary technique devised by the doctor was used for the procedure which involved a simple local anesthesia and operation of about 10 minutes.


"A guide to the best care. Large hospitals: ophthalmology."

The head note speaks of the center of ophthalmology hospital in Turin emphasizing its excellence. Among the advanced doctors there it mentioned Dr. Panic as well.

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