Surgery Studio Claudio Panico

You can trust the professionalism and competence of Dr. Claudio and his team to take care of your eyes and efficiently handle any ophthalmic disease that may have stricken. Dr. Claudio is the Director of the Department of General Ophthalmology and the Traumatology Department of Ophthalmic Turin. Over 4500 interventions per year run under his supervision and Dr. Claudio has always been interested in large ocular trauma cases. He specializes in corneal transplantation and complicated retinal detachment, which he can treat simultaneously in the same operative session. Being an advocate of micro incisional cataract surgery, he adopts a method that does not require sutures,anesthesia or hospitalization.

An expert in the field of retinal surgery, Dr. Panico produces excellent results for all macular diseases from macular edema & pucker to macular holes, with minimally invasive vitrectomy.

In the course of his career, he was a part of an exclusive group that studied the translocation of 360 ° of the retina and they created the first innovative treatment for macular degeneration. This included 5 of the best ophthalmology departments of Italy.

The clinic conducts surgery courses both in Italy and abroad related to the treatment of cataract disorders that affect the vitreous or the retina.

Dr Panico has participated in numerous courses and conferences as a speaker and surgeon, both at a national and international level. He has published numerous articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

He is a member of the LASER Ltd. which is a center for refractive surgery and the most technologically advanced one throughout northern Italy. The center offers the latest technological advancements such as Carl Zeiss Meditec, Femto Laser Visumax Zeiss, and Excimer Laser Zeiss Mel 90 and Zeiss aberrometer Wasca for personalized treatments.

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